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Monday, 21 November 2011

ExposeOccupy: 1% Progressives fund 99% Red Army Scum!


BLOG: #OWS: Hypocrisy abounds! More Soros fingerprints. Globalist elite 1-Percenters partnered with GOOD Worldwide to promote #OccupyWallStreet insurgency

By Brenda J. Elliott
The elitist-focused GOOD Worldwide, which calls itself a “platform for influentials and cultural creatives that engages them in thought and action around the ideas, people and businesses moving our world forward,” enthusiastically supports the Occupy Wall Street insurgents.
Before addressing the GOOD-OWS relationship, let’s take a look at GOOD itself.
A privately-held media company, the Los Angeles-based GOOD Worldwide LLC has been around since 2006. You may not have heard much about it unless you’re a college-educated, Starbucks coffee-drinking and WiFi-using, New York Times-reading, card-carrying progressive.
On its curiously Icelandic-registered website,, GOOD describes itself thusly:
Call it a new party, call it a 21st century collaboration, call it an army, call it your new home. Or just call it GOOD.
We are people, businesses, moms, kids, artists, organizations, policymakers, students, teachers, and engineers. All united in one simple idea, each elevated by being connected. Let’s do what works and never default to what doesn’t. Join us, and together we’ll power what works.
This is just more innocent-sounding Marxist-speak Orwellian say-nothingness.

GOOD joins Communists, Marxists, Socialists, Nazis
An interesting aside is the fact that the oh-so-elite GOOD Worldwide joins a long list of assorted radicals and extremists in its support of Occupy Wall Street.
An official list of the so-called 99% was posted October 30 at (See article for source links):
. Communist Party USA
. American Nazi Party
. Ayatollah Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran
. Barack Obama
. The government of North Korea
. Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam
. Revolutionary Communist Party
. David Duke
. Joe Biden
. Revolutionary Guards of Iran
. Black Panthers (original)
. Socialist Party USA
. US Border Guard
. Industrial Workers of the World
. Nancy Pelosi
. Communist Party of China
. Hezbollah
. 9/11
. International Bolshevik Tendency
. Anonymous
. White Revolution
. International Socialist Organization
. PressTV (Iranian government outlet)
. Marxist Student Union
. Freedom Road Socialist Organization
. Party for Socialism and Liberation
To this list we can add members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) for certain, as KleinOnline recently reported.
More here. 

PS: on the subject of naming things the opposite of what they actually are, we also have CAIR a vicious terrorist connected organisation. Now we have GOOD which is patently BAD as it supports Hezbollah, the mass-murdering, mass-torturing and raping of young people, the IRGC, The American Nazi Party , Hussein Obama and strangely, the US Border Guard!
Many of these are plain anti-Semitic, anti-democratic and plain genocidal! I'm surprised they did not add Stalin and Hitler as honorary members!!
George's ass must be very SORE after taking it from this lot!!


  1. i finally got around to looking at that article you left in that comment. i already knew Mr. One World Order soros was delighted with OWS movement. he's basically like the people in the encampments but just in his case with a lot of money. in general i know a lot about him i hope he gets eaten by a shark or something.

  2. Just read this report -