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Friday, 5 November 2010

Hague the Nazi Quisling has a Tantrum!: Debkafile

Happy Hague
"03 Nov. The sharp differences between Israel and Britain came to the fore Wednesday, Nov. 3, during William Hague's first visit to Israel as Foreign Secretary. He was informed that Israel had halted the strategic dialogue with the UK in protest against the failure of successive British governments to repeal a law allowing its leaders to be arrested for war crimes on arrival in Britain.
Since 2005, pro-Palestinian activists have used the concept of "universal jurisdiction" to threaten Israeli leaders with arrest for alleged war crimes. Several serving and former Israeli leaders have cancelled trips to Britain after being warned they could be arrested. The latest was Deputy Prime Minister Dan Meridor, who called off his trip to Britain last month to avoid prosecution.
Israel was put out by the undiplomatic, overbearing way in which Hague managed his visit, summoning Israel's intelligence chiefs to the UK ambassador's residence to brief him on the Iranian nuclear issue and omitting courtesy calls on government ministers. 

Not so happy Hague
The visitor hit back at the cold shoulder showed him in Jerusalem by meeting and praising three groups leading the Palestinian anti-Israel protest movement. The UK foreign secretary told them that popular resistance against Israel was justified."

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