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Monday, 22 November 2010

Former Habonim leader to run New Israel Fund!

Before I read the piece below, I just read the headline:    (from here)
Former youth leader to take over at 

New Israel Fund.

I knew in an instant: Habonim! Why? I had a very nasty experience with Habonim about 15 years ago. I went once or twice when I was a teenager. So when my own daughter reached 10, my parents thought it would be nice for her to make some Jewish friends. 

Off she went for a weekend to France.

About 8 o'clock the Sunday evening she returned,  I drove up the Finchley Road  to pick her  up. It was pitch dark. I stopped outside the Habonim offices. There was no light in the buildings. Then I saw my daughter, standing in the dark, surrounded by her bags: alone.

She had been abandoned by the so-called Habonim leaders, a 10 year old girl, by the side of a busy main road. No one had bothered to call me, mobile phones were not common then, but no one had phoned me at home to tell me to come and fetch her earlier.

Habonim leaders had left my child standing out on the dark street, not knowing when I would arrive. She was white with fear and anxiety when I picked her up.

I made many complaints, I wrote asking for an explanation, several times, I rang asking to speak to someone. I never got a response. I went to the offices to complain and was thrown out!

My daughter told me she had made no friends, that they were horrible to her, calling her racist names - she is mixed-race - and that they were cliquey. I felt sick. These people were meant to be Jews, had they not experienced such hatred and attacks themselves? 

As far as I was concerned, these Habonim people were racists: no different to Nazis!

So when I read the headline above, and knowing that the New Israel Fund is sponsored by that Nazi George Soros, there could be only one youth group that would fit the bill!

"The former national leader of youth movement Habonim has been appointed as the chief executive of the UK branch of the New Israel Fund (NIF).
Adam Ognall will take over in January 2011 from Ellen Goldberg, who is returning to Israel after four years in the role.
Mr Ognall, who founded a sustainability enterprise called GreenMinds, is the current chair of North London charity Restore. He previously served as the co-chair of the Zionist Youth Council and worked at the Charity Commission.
He said he was delighted to join the organisation. “I look forward to contributing to its great work supporting a prosperous and democratic Israel.”
The chairman of NIF UK, Nicholas Saphir, added: “We look forward to working with him in further communicating the urgency and critical need to support those Israelis with whom we share values and a vision for the future of Israel.”
Ellen Goldberg praised her successor and said: “I will be returning to my family and home in Israel knowing that I’ve left the organisation and my very capable staff in good hands.” "

This is more evidence of  a terrible sickness in the Jewish body politic!!

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