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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Message to the "Imam" of Canterbury: What are you doing to help Christians??

Rowan Williams seems to be more interested in being a promoter of sharia law than helping to protect Christians around the world from Islamic predations - murder, rape, forced conversions to islam!!

A thin veneer of Christianity coats this Druid! BTW, how can you be a pagan and a Christian? The pagan side of Imam Williams is the side that finds so much to emulate in islam!

According to Wikipaedia, they  performed human sacrifice: not a lot of difference there to islam! More here.

"Druidry, as an ancient Paganism of the lands of Britain, is deeply rooted in a heritage of bloody-minded individualism, with powerfully strong local tribal identities, communities standing up for their rights.
They say that an Englishman's home is his castle, but the same is true of every Briton, from the farthest isles of the Hebrides to the marshlands of Romney."

50 BC - Julius Caesar’s The Conquest of Gaul, book VI
13. The two privileged classes are the Druids and the knights. The Druids officiate at the worship of the gods, regulate public and private sacrifices, and give rulings on all religious questions. Large numbers of young men flock to them for instruction, and they are held in great honour by the people. They act as judges in practically all disputes, whether between tribes or between individuals; when any crime is committed, or a murder takes place, or a dispute arises about an inheritance or a boundary, it is they who adjudicate the matter and appoint the compensation to be paid and received by the parties concerned. Any individual or tribe failing to accept their award is banned from taking part in sacrifice - the heaviest punishment that can be inflicted upon a Gaul. Those who are laid under such a ban are regarded as impious criminals. Everyone shuns them and avoids going near or speaking to them, for fear of taking some harm by contact with what is unclean; if they appear as plaintiffs, justice is denied them, and they are excluded from a share in any honour. All the Druids are under one head, whom they hold in the highest respect. On his death, if any one of the rest is of outstanding merit, he succeeds to the vacant place; if several have equal claims, the Druids usually decide the election by voting, though sometimes they actually fight it out. On a fixed date in each year they hold a session in a consecrated spot in the country of the Carnutes, which is supposed to be the centre of Gaul. Those who are involved in disputes assemble here from all parts, and accept the Druids' judgements and awards. The Druidic doctrine is believed to have been found existing in Britain and thence imported into Gaul; even today those who want to make a profound study of it generally go to Britain for the purpose.

No mention here of peace and love, the message of Jesus of Nazareth!

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