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Thursday, 2 September 2010

YOUGOV UK Pollster Influences German Poll on Banker!

Compare and contrast the poll here.  (Via Esther at islam in europe)

Thilo Sarrazin of the German Bundesbank  has written a book about how allowing all these muslims into Germany is destroying German culture. So there has been a big fuss in the media, mainly the left-wing press.

Sarrazin has also made comments about the genetic basis of ethnic groups such as Jews and Armenians. Scientists have proven conclusively that Jews are a unique race with their own DNA. Great, we have a lot to be proud of!

However the point here is the use of YOUGOV as a polling partner by German paper Bild (the German version of the Sun crossed with OK).

YOUGOV is run by Peter Kellner, a former Guardian journalist and Labour party member. He is married to Barreness Worm-Head   Ashton, the Foreign High Representative of the EU. A bunch of marxists who are continually interfering in the affairs of other sovereign countries!

When preparing polls, questions to be asked must be couched in a certain way in order to ensure the desired answer. It would be interesting to compare the actual questions asked by both polling companies.

Emnid Polling receives 51% of votes for people who do not think Thilo Sarrazin should be sacked, against 42% for YOUGOV: that is a hefty 9% difference!

The marxists are for his sacking, the others not! Will YOUGOV's nefarious influence win the day or not?


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