Message to one diktator re another

Monday, 27 September 2010

Revisionist History.

Currently there is a programme on BBC Radio 4, called a History of the World in 100 Objects. These objects reach back 2 million years, up to the present day.

Neil McGregor, the Director of the wondrous British Museum in London, has chosen the objects from the museum.

He has just reached the 14th century and unfortunately he is showing signs of having completely submitted to the muslim myth of how all religions have lived in peace together under islamic rule!

The next programme will be the crown of lies: when he discusses what fun it was for Hindus, Buddists and Jains under the iron hoof of the Mughal empire!

Tune in at 19.45pm, GMT, Tuesday evening 28 September. There is one episode each evening.

PS. Mr McGregor, despite a large petition from Iranian expatriates, has sent back to Iran, the Cyrus cylinder. I don't think we will see it again.


  1. Couldn't he send himself to Iran, instead? That would've been a much better choice on his part.

    I'm pretty sure Cyrus wouldn't have approved of the Mullahs grabbing hold of his cylinder. If only he had a say in the matter :)

  2. Given the Iranian arselifters have been busy destroying all their antiquity that doesn't agree with pislam, I doubt that cylinder has much of a future.