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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Will they ever get it back?

After a prolongued campaign by many groups to prevent the British Museum in London from "lending" the murderous and genocidal Islamic Regime of Iran, the Cyrus Cylinder, Neil Mc Gregor has unfortunately submitted.

This unique artifact, over 2,500 years old was produced by the civilisation that Cyrus the Great of Persia created and ruled. It mentions the rights of individuals and is considered the first declaration of human rights in history.

And now it is in the grasp of the most savage anti-human regime in the history of that land, Iran!

The current regime are responsible for the total delapidation of their heritage - pre-islamic as well as islamic: their ancient temples and buildings, such as what remains of Persepolis, are crumbling. Early mosques have lost all their covering turquoise tiles, ancient Isfahan is falling to bits.

This savage and barbarian regime should not be allowed to possess this talismanic artifact! They should have been given a copy!

Read it here:  Saturday Telegraph

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