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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Woman in Tahrir Square Raped Tonight

More of Obama and Camoron's Arab Spring, or "democracy"!! But then how can you expect someone who was brought up in mozlems countries and went to a moslem indoctrination school, to know what is decent behaviour? And Camoron is just running to keep up! Some one like Obama whose past has been almost completely erased, but who was a disciple of a vicious Stalinist Marxist and whose friends are all  (inter)National Socialists,crooks, gangsters and black anti-semites.

CHALLAH @ Bikya Masr
A foreign woman was stripped and sexually assaulted on Wednesday evening in Egypt’s iconic Tahrir Square, one eyewitness said on Twitter and another confirmed in an email to
The woman, who’s identity has not been revealed, was taken away in an ambulance after being assaulted for 10 minutes. Her husband reportedly was unable to intervene and witnessed the incident.
“I saw the woman and then dozens of men surrounded her and started grabbing her, when she screamed for help some people came, but they were hit in the face,” wrote one witness.
What happened next was “appalling,” said the trusted witness, who asked for anonymity. “The men just started tearing at her clothes and grabbing her body all over. When she fought back, they pushed her. It was chaos.”
There were unconfirmed reports that the men “violated” her with their hands. Read the rest here

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  1. What sane woman or couple would dare swim with these sharks? Perhaps youngsters out of touch with the news, or just a pair of plain idiots.