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Friday, 13 January 2012

Moazzam Begg: liar, wannabe terrorist and millionaire

This is the vermin that was freed by the UK government and given  £1 million of tax-payers money because they " had rendered this innocent traveller from Afghanistan to another country to torture him for no reason". This is the terrorist scum who is supported and nourished by Amnazi International, who use this trash as a weapon to bash Western freedom:

"When, for example, Begg was asked directly by Andrew Marr on Radio 4's Start the Week whether he had ever fought with al-Qa'eda or the Taliban, he categorically denied that he had ever been involved in terrorism ...
But Begg's account is starkly at odds with the signed statement he gave to FBI agents while held in Afghanistan after his capture in February 2002, a copy of which has been obtained exclusively by The Daily Telegraph. In the statement, which US officials insist was not obtained under duress, Begg admits to having attended three separate al-Qa'eda terrorist training camps in Afghanistan where he learnt to fire AK-47 rifles and rocket-propelled grenades and use primitive explosive devices.
In the statement, he also admitted that, when living in Britain, he acted as a "communications link" between radical Muslims in the UK and others living abroad." From here.
Joseph W, January 12th 2012, 6:05 pm
Moazzam Begg on terrorism:
I was armed and prepared to fight alongside the Taliban and al-Qaeda against the U.S. and others, and eventually retreated to Tora Bora to flee from U.S. forces when our front lines collapsed…. [I] knowingly provided comfort and assistance to al-Qaeda members by housing their families, helped distribute al-Qaeda propaganda, and received members from terrorist camps knowing that certain trainees could become al-Qaeda operatives and commit acts of terrorism against the United States.


  1. C-V, I thought this might interest you in light of your current image of the new WTC.

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