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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Planned Parenthood: A mother's nightmare as baby born deformed after doctors misdiagnose ectopic pregnancy and inject foetus with abortion drug

Appalling action of doctor who injected mother with abortifacent :
A mother is suing the obstetrician who she claims misdiagnosed her pregnancy as ectopic and injected her foetus with an abortant, resulting in birth defects.
Thirty-five-year-old Rachel Schoger of Caldwell, Idaho, says she was four weeks five days pregnant with her daughter, Seraphine, when her doctor injected her foetus with chemotherapy drug methotrexate in 2006.
Two weeks later, the baby was found inside the uterus. And against all odds, Seraphine made it through term.
But the little girl will never lead a normal life, her mother says, after she was born without reproductive organs or a rectum as a result of the injection.
Tragic: Baby Seraphine lays in hospital after her January 2006 birth; multiple surgeries then laid ahead of her to treat multiple birth defects

Is it coincidence the child is a girl??

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