Message to one diktator re another

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Racist Somali Mozlem Whores: the last time they get away with anything...

"In the months after the 13 minute attack police told Rhea she was lucky to be alive.
While her attackers celebrated after sentancing with Ambaro Maxamed writing on her Twitter account: ‘Happy happy happy!’, ‘I’m so going out’, and ‘Today has been such a great day', Rhea is left with a mixture of feelings."

Racist scum Mozlem whores who drink, take drugs and lie through their rotten teeth!!


  1. Their crime was bad enough in and of itself, but the 'sentence' passed down to them simply compounded the horror of the injustice. They need to be deported back to Somalia along with any dependents.

  2. What is clear to me is that they do not dress like mozlems, they drink, whore, wear make-up and do all sorts of other things. not one looks like a mozlem and they all look like they have been drinking and talking drugs for some time!
    But the prosecutors need to be hunted down and questioned on why they did not make this a RACIST attack when so clearly it was and booze is SECONDARY??