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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Obama: Captain Trainwreck of the Titanic

The current Occupiers of the White House will claim the slight dip in the unemployment rate from 9 percent to 8.6 percent is proof the economy is beginning to lumber out of the recession they imposed on it. Don’t believe the spin. The economy continues to sink. Once the employment data is analyzed and the economic truth comes out, it will be seen that one of the probable reasons for the dip in the unemployment rate is that 315,000 more Americans have quit looking for work, making them persona non grata when it comes to being counted in employment statistics.
Denial runs deep in our corrupt, power-abusing government, does it not?
In addition to those 315,000 Americans who are statistically null and void, there are 14 million who are out of work. The proportion of Americans unemployed or underemployed has reached 18 percent, meaning the employment picture remains ominous.
Meanwhile, the debt continues to escalate, with Fedzilla borrowing $170 million every single hour.
Slice it any way you want, but what this adds up to is an employment and economic train wreck. And things are going to get much worse with Captain Trainwreck Obama at the controls.

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