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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

New Israeli Machine Gun H/T Will

Presenting the New Israeli Machine Gun — The NG7.

Presenting the New Israeli Machine Gun — The NG7.HT: kitup.military.Israel Weapon Industries recently unveiled its new NG7, a 7.62mm version of the venerable Negev 5.56mm light machine gun.
I had a chance to fire a couple of belts through the standard Negev a few years back and I found it just as nice (or better) to shoot as the M249s FN makes for the U.S. military. The NG7 fires 850-1,050 rounds per minute on gas regulator position one and 950-1150 rpm on position two.
Like the standard Negev, it also has a semiautomatic setting for engaging point targets. It has Picatinny rails for mounting optics and Tritium sights for low-light conditions.
IWI developed the NG7 for the Israel Defense Force. It provides maneuvering infantry with an assault gun chambered for the potent 7.62mm NATO round similar to FN’s MK48 LMG in use with special operations units and Army infantry units in Afghanistan.
The NG7 comes in two versions. The standard features a 20-inch barrel and weighs 16.75 pounds. The SF version comes with a 16.5-inch barrel and weighs a few ounces less. Both models have collapsible buttstocks with an adjustable cheek rest.Read the full story here.


  1. Hi Juniper.
    Thank you for the HT/ link.:)

  2. You are welcome, Will! You have a great blog, never knew you had one! :)

  3. when your surrounded by enemies and out numbered 20 to 1 you need to be a master in the art war. although i don't know if all these public videos about Israeli state of the art weapopnry is such a good idea. anyways, it looks like Israel is gonna have their chance to battle field test these in gaza soon.

  4. David, the mozlems are DYING to help try out these weapons, they have even volunteered to become the targets!!