Message to one diktator re another

Friday, 18 February 2011


Cairo's approval Friday, Feb. 18 for two Iranian warships to transit the Suez Canal on their way to the Mediterranean has brought Israel and Iran closer than ever before to a naval collision at sea. DEBKAfilereports: Israel has learned that the Iranian cruiser Kharg is carrying long-range missiles for Hizballah which it plans to unload at a Syrian port or Beirut harbor.
Friday, Israeli government and military officials were urgently casting about for a way to prevent those missiles reaching the Lebanese terrorists.  Heavy US and Israeli pressure failed to dissuade Egypt's military rulers from letting the Iranian flotilla through Suez. So now the waterway has been opened wide for Iran to consign heavy weapons deliveries to Syria and Lebanon - in the first instance, and eventually to try and break Israel's naval blockade on the Gaza Strip and bring Hamas the heavy munitions that were impossible to transport through smuggling tunnels. MORE HERE.

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  1. I would not worry much about these Iranian "warships." They could be sent to Neptune in a matter of minutes.